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Think AK Musik for the best Bhangra DJ available


July 9th, 2014


Many of you will be familiar with one of the most famous quotes from England’s most celebrated writer; “If music be the food of love; play on”. At AK Music we take this sentiment very much to heart, cooking up for you the most amazing sound to spread the love and happiness of your extra special event. Arun Kalyan has been at the forefront of the DJ revival movement since this fine art became as appreciated as it should always have been in the 90s, with his vast talents and funky flair being highly sought after for events. Although DJ AK always works with a groove suitable to make sure your party is smooth, he is always sought out for those amazing events when the skills of only the finest Bhangra DJ in the land will make everything happen as planned.

From the golden age of 80s old school sounds through to the Folkhop, happy hardcore remixes of the 21st Century, there is not a note or a beat of Bhangra music that Arun Kalyan is not intrinsically familiar with. If your special event – be it a wedding, a birthday party, an anniversary or just a good excuse for a get together – feels like it will only be able to reach he highest heights it can with the unique Bhangra sound as the background, then AK Music are the ones to lift and carry you there.

Our Bhangra DJ should have your guests bouncing to the beats in the best and beautiful way you wanted, and to make sure they stay that way we can also bring for you all the extra gear with our know how of how to take it up to warp factor wow. To enhance your party scene with the biggest screen we can add in our LED light curtains and walls, taking the appearance of any venue and halls to the style you want it to be. Add to that our LED Dancefloor and you will see why our best Bhangra DJ always has everyone ready for more.

AK Music can supply you with all the elements you need to make sure you and your party succeed. Firework displays, dancing groups, dessert stations with chefs and those all important mobile bars – not to mention our luxury cars – are just some of the optional extras we can bring to make sure your party goes on in full swing. Whether your even will feature a handful or a hall full of people, we are the professionals in ensuring every single guest has the best of times.

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