Bhangra DJ

Bhangra originated in the Punjab region as a traditional style of music, but truly came into its own in Britain in the eighties. Immigration of Punjabis brought along their music, and it quickly combined the musical styles and instruments of both the Punjab and Great Britain. An amalgamation of cultures that has produced an unmistakeable and vibrant style of music, Bhangra continues to grow in popularity throughout the UK. That is why our team at AK Musik are proud to bring you a Bhangra DJ who can add a burst of energy and life to any party.

Our Bhangra DJ, Arun Khalyan, has twelve years of experience, over which he has honed his craft to become one of the premier and most talented DJs in the United Kingdom today. Music is effortlessly mixed and styles are fused to create music that will have your heart pounding. Nothing is more unique than having the music for your event as Bhangra, and the styles and fusions that can be created with it are tremendous.

Our team at AK Musik are highly experienced in the entertainment and music industries, and we know exactly what makes a crowd tick. We know how to get everyone going and deliver a show-stopping experience that everyone will remember for the rest of their lives. Nothing electrifies an event quite like Bhangra. The mix of traditional and contemporary music will have everyone dancing. No matter what the event is, whether a wedding, a birthday or a corporate event, our DJ will have you on your feet.

Utilising the best sound equipment available to deliver crystal clear sound, you can be guaranteed phenomenal sound quality for your event. This sound system is augmented by a vast catalogue of music which is sure to satisfy all tastes. We pride ourselves on a completely personalised service that can be augmented with a range of extras. We can supply your event with smoke machines, starcloth, laser machines, LED walls and curtains, projectors and a lot more.

We offer five different packages. We start at bronze, which can cater up to 250 guests including a moving light show, truss stands and a smoke machine. Our largest package is the extreme LED Platinum plus package, able to cater for up to 1,500 guests with a range of amenities including projectors, haze machines, a truss cage, LED split screens and a lot more. Regardless of which package you choose, our Bhangra DJ will give you the event of a lifetime.

When you’re ready to book us for your event, call us on 07985105182. Alternatively, you can send any enquiries to us via e-mail at