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Wedding DJs have an important role to play

Stephen Hall

December 20th, 2014


Asian weddings are renowned for being colourful, musical and highly energetic affairs. The celebrations can last several days culminating in a reception for the guests that can easily become a huge party. Each guest will expect to be entertained and have hours of dancing to enjoy, particularly when the theme is Bollywood or Bhangra. If you’re planning this kind of celebration you’ll need to take care choosing the right DJ and entertainment.

Having a specialist Asian wedding DJ to lead the entertainment and choose the perfect music is a must have. With most celebrations the DJ purely creates the soundtrack but with weddings they need to motivate people to dance, keep them happy and make sure they select suitable songs. Hiring someone with the talent and experience to deliver the perfect event is essential if you want it to be as well received as possible.

A really great idea is to choose the DJ early and discuss your venue and entertainment ideas with them. This will give them the opportunity to choose the right set up and ensure they make the best use of the acoustics of the setting. Many providers will have their own lighting systems and additional equipment to help you decorate. On top of this it also means they will be able to shape the song selection to give the event a flow. You can also inform them when you plan speeches to take place so they can choose delicate background music.

With Asian weddings many people choose to hire professional dancers. It is best to discuss this with your DJ too so they can work with them to select the right playlist. Some dancers might have their own music to play so it is important that they are able to work with the DJ.

When choosing your DJ make sure you ask about their experience and the type of equipment they use. Both are important and will be integral to the success of your event. We pride ourselves on providing the best wedding DJ services and can provide everything you need, from the music to the lighting and decor to the dancers. Take a look at our full selection of services to find out more about what we can do for your special day.

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