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Using music from a wide range of different genres

Stephen Hall

January 15th, 2015


Wedding celebrations aren’t complete without music. You’ll need to consider what songs you want to be playing when you enter and leave the ceremony, as well as the song for your first dance. After this, you might leave it up to the DJ to decide what to play for the party. You should always take the chance to work with them to define the type of music you want, and discuss some of the specific tracks you want to include. When you choose our Bollywood wedding DJ, you will have no worries – everything we do is tailored to meet your preferences, and we’ll include all the songs that mean the most to you to ensure your wedding is perfect.

Deciding what genre or genres of music to choose for your wedding celebration can be tricky. You’ll want to go for songs you like, but also need to take care to select songs that will entertain and get people dancing. As a professional Bollywood wedding DJ, we know how to get the blend of traditional and modern tones right. We can choose tracks from a wide range of different genres without them feeling out of place and disjointed. Bhangra and songs from Bollywood movies are very popular because they are entertaining, energising and diverse so they fit well with any play list.

If you are planning a Bollywood themed wedding, we have a vast collection of tracks on hand and access to even more songs on request. We vow to deliver the perfect music for every single event, ensuring that the weddings we cater for are entertaining and filled with great songs. When we’re taking care of your event, you don’t need to be concerned about the music at all; you can put your faith in us to get it perfect and make sure all your guests have a brilliant time.

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