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Stephen Hall

November 6th, 2014


If you have ever stood in the crowd at a large scale musical event and felt sublimely lost in the sound and atmosphere, you will want to recreate that great feeling at your next party or event. Our professional Bhangra DJ provides an outstanding service that consistently amazes our customers. Our company grew from the incredible talents of a pioneering professional DJ who spent many years thrilling international and UK audiences. We offer the perfect solution for everyone seeking a fantastic entertainment service that can deliver the memorable party you deserve.

No matter the size of your event and guest list, we can offer the perfect package, as we are experienced with working at both small and large events. We make sure every celebration is an unforgettable experience. Our state of the art sound system delivers the smoothest clarity along with a music catalogue of carefully selected and blended sounds.

Great celebrations are a combination of many elements. Along with the happiness and joy of your celebration, we deliver the tunes and visuals that whip up unparalleled elation. We offer many options, from the smoke machine and moving head light show of our bronze package, through to our platinum deal that offers software controlled moving heads, starcloths, plasmas and projectors and much more. Whatever level of visuals you desire, each package is guaranteed to light up your event. If you wish to take things a step further, we can help you really wow everyone. You can turn a regular dance floor into a sensational surface with our selection of LED dancefloors and impress everyone with vivid LED walls and curtains.

Weddings, birthdays and other special celebrations are all about losing yourself in the magic of the day and immersing yourself in amazing sound and visuals. If you really want to treat everyone in attendance you can indulge in our dessert bars that come in a range of designs and themes and serve up divine treats the whole night through. We can light up your skies with an amazing firework display, put on a great show with traditional or western dance groups and style your entire event with the theme of your choice.

Our customers constantly attest to the fact that they received the unique packages they were looking for. Our Bhangra DJ services can be completely tailored to suit your needs and we will quickly respond to all email and telephone enquiries.

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