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Stephen Hall

November 21st, 2014


When it comes to parties we say the bigger the better. It may be a birthday, anniversary or the day you enter into wedded bliss; whatever the occasion, we promise you an unforgettable event. We are a leading name in the music industry with an outstanding reputation as the best Bollywood DJ in the business. Years of performing internationally and bringing the parties of thousands of people to life have led us to where we are today. We provide the highest quality Bhangra and Bollywood DJ services along with a multitude of lightshows, visual effects and much more.

We know how crucial it is to get everything right for a big bash, and we will make sure your party is a sensation. We have a range of packages that cater for every type and size of event. The beauty of our packages is that no matter the size of your event and length of the guest list, we can inject incredible sound and visuals into it and take everyone to dizzying heights. Our professional DJ services represent world class talent and experience that puts others in the shade. Our music catalogue is an exclusive collection of carefully selected tracks and sounds that perfectly capture and enhance every mood.

Before your celebration, we will go through every detail with you and make sure you are getting everything you want. We will also assist you with external recommendations for your photographs and other services. We regularly provide our Bollywood DJ services for all types of celebrations, from family birthday parties to weddings to corporate events, and whatever the occasion we promise to get the crowd going and pack that dancefloor from start to finish.

With state of the art digital sound systems, a choice of smoke machines, lightshows, LED split screens and a whole host more, we have every element needed to deliver a stunning spectacle and the finest Bollywood DJ services available. Please feel free to enquire and we will discuss our entire range of services with you and help you put together the greatest party of your life.

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