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Offering the finest Bhangra wedding DJ services available

Stephen Hall

September 10th, 2014


The music industry is a complex and fickle business. Whatever kind of entertainer you are you need certain skills to survive. Many DJs can make a comfortable living but to reach real heights and achieve success there are a few qualities that you simply cannot do without. Arun, the founder of AK Musik, is an example of the kind of talent and consummate professional that knew how to make a mark that could never be erased. Many years of domestic and international honing of his incredible abilities saw him form this outstanding company that is unequivocally head and shoulders above every other organisation.

A wedding is not just an event. It is an occasion that marks the beginning of a new life. It should be a day that surpasses all others that have gone before it and the celebration needs to encapsulate the happiness and celebratory spirit of the day. We offer a host of Bhangra wedding DJ packages that have been created to suit every kind of wedding. No matter the size and scale of your celebration the perfect package awaits. Our digital sound system and sensational light shows can cater for an intimate gathering of 100 guests or a monumental party of 1500.

If you really want to take your wedding to another level our graphics and visuals are designed to do just that. We can offer you big screens and LED walls and curtains that create dazzling visual images that together with the music ensure your event ascends to unsurpassed levels. Your guests won’t believe their eyes as our sensational products give them the night of their lives. If you wish to light up the entire room our LED dance floors prove very popular as they guarantee to keep that floor full and everybody moving. Our fireworks are a sure fire way to thrill and exhilarate everybody as the explosive display will blow them away. From smoke machines and moving light shows to plasma screens and projectors we can give you and your guests an unforgettable evening.

We have gone to the greatest of lengths to deliver the ultimate unrivalled Bhangra wedding DJ service. You can opt for the traditional dance troupes we supply that will seamlessly integrate into your wedding and provide supreme entertainment or you can keep your guests happy with our selection of mobile bars and decadently delicious dessert bars. Music is of course the heartbeat of our entire company. We carefully put together a set list that consists of specifically blended music. Our musical and artistic instincts allow us to play the music that captures the rapture of you and your guests and finds the perfect balance.

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