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Music and Bollywood

Stephen Hall

September 23rd, 2014


There are many things that make Bollywood movies stand out. The sheer sense of energy, the sensational plots derived from Indian culture both past and present and, of course, the music. In Bollywood, music is one of the central pillars in the entire film industry. It is unique in the respect that complex musical and dance numbers are performed during the movie by the characters themselves, rather than being restricted to the background. There can be absolutely no denying that they provide an energy that is distinct to Bollywood.

Bollywood is a term used to describe Hindi cinema, specifically films based in and around Mumbai. The first incidence of a Hindi film is Raja Harishchandra, a silent film. The first film in sound was Alam Ara, made in 1931 which contained seven songs, thus solidifying the status of music as a central pillar within Hindi films. The music and the dance within Bollywood is an integral part of the plot.

Nobody really knows how or why song and dance became such a key part of Bollywood cinema. One key function of this music, though, is that it has the benefit of transcending cultural barriers. In a country where there are thousands of distinct dialects spoken and many different languages spread across the country, from Bengali to Urdu, this energetic music and their corresponding dance numbers can be enjoyed by everyone, not just those who speak and understand Hindi. It may also be that the vivid music and fantastical dance numbers provide for greater escapism from daily life than the standard thrillers, action and drama of Hollywood. Indeed, Bollywood’s growing popularity and the prevalence of song and dance is breaking down the barriers with Western audiences, with films such as Moulin Rouge purportedly drawing inspiration from Bollywood. In Bollywood, the music is such an integral part of the film that directors will often release a soundtrack before the film as a means of advertising the film itself.

The music of Bollywood is a regular feature within the sets of our DJ, Arun Khalyan. He has been helping to further spread this energetic music to Western audiences, performing at parties and weddings alike. This talented Bollywood DJ can cater to any event that you need him for, delivering thunderous hits and helping to get the party on the dance floor, recreating their favourite dance numbers.

Using a cutting-edge digital sound system and providing phenomenal entertainment to all of his guests, Arun is the Bollywood DJ who can provide you with excellent music for whatever party or wedding that you are holding.

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