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Make your wedding a Bollywood extravaganza

Stephen Hall

December 15th, 2014


Indian style weddings are becoming more and more popular because they are so impressive in terms of visuals and entertainment. There is an amazing amount of colour involved, both in terms of the decorations and the outfits that the whole event is a pleasure to look at. There is also great music and an incredible amount of dancing. Some people even choose to hire professional dancers to entertain their guests and lead some dances. Not many types of celebration are as interactive and engaging.

Bollywood themed weddings are a great choice if you want a large, colourful and energetic celebration. Just like in the films, there will be hours of dancing for guests to enjoy, vibrant colours and fantastic entertainment. You should choose a talented DJ to provide the music and give guests a fantastic blend of traditional and modern genres.

If you want people to dance at the wedding party the music you have is really important. With Indian and Bollywood themes there is such a wide variety of different options to choose from that it can make it tricky to choose the right songs. Having a professional to create a playlist for you will save a great deal of time and ensure you get the response you want. If you have specific dances planned they can choose appropriate music to encourage dancing.

Many people are apprehensive about dancing at weddings, but with a Bollywood theme it is difficult not to get caught up in the moment. Hiring dancers is a sure fire way to get people up, especially if you have them teach people the steps to some popular dances. This is a good opportunity to make the event extra interactive and ensure your guests have a fun time.

We can offer a comprehensive service for people planning an authentic Indian celebration. We have a talented Bollywood wedding DJ, equipment hire and a special range of services to help you add the wow factor. Clients can come to us with their ideas and get all the help they need, from choosing decorations to picking a playlist for the event. We can even arrange dancers to give a magical touch to the day or evening. We have extensive experience entertaining at all kinds of weddings, and will do all we can to make your event special and memorable.

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