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The film industry in India has had a big impact on weddings

Stephen Hall

January 6th, 2015


The Bollywood film industry and wedding celebrations go hand in hand because of the fact that they are colourful, energetic and filled with music and dancing. Films and weddings look and feel larger than life. Movies also bring about new fashion trends and affect what people want to wear on their big day, including the dresses, jewellery and the makeup. Many people planning their wedding will even choose to recreate scenes from their favourite films as part of the festivities.

One of the biggest impacts Bollywood has had on wedding celebrations is the music. A number of people choose songs from their favourite films to be played during the ceremony alongside traditional tunes. They are also very common at the reception and evening party. Various genres can be blended together to give the celebration the best possible soundtrack.

Bollywood style wedding celebrations are large affairs filled with great music that you can dance to. It is not unusual to see guests on their feet for hours enjoying themselves with a mixture or modern and traditional dances. The music is enticing and gets people caught up in the happy atmosphere of the occasion.

When planning music for a wedding, especially if you have a Bollywood theme, you should consult a professional Bollywood DJ. They will be one of the most essential providers you work with because it is their responsibility to entertain your guests and ensure people have a good time. They will also make sure the event flows by choosing to play the right songs at the right times. If you want tracks from your favourite movies, the DJ can find them for you and ensure they are played at the best time.

If you’re planning to introduce some Bollywood elements to your wedding we would be happy to help. We can provide a broad service including a professional Bollywood DJ, help creating a theme and decorations for the venue. On top of this we also have several services to add some extra class to the celebration. You can have fireworks or go for LED floors, walls and curtains to add a huge visual impact to your event. we can even provide Bollywood dancers to really wow everyone at the party. Whatever ideas you have for your big day we would love to be part of it, so get in touch to discuss what you would like us to do for your wedding.

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