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Our Extreme LED Platinum Plus package

Stephen Hall

November 11th, 2014


We provide a unique brand of entertainment and a highly talented Bhangra wedding DJ in Arun Kalyan. In order to provide the best possible entertainment to our customers for the best possible value, we offer a variety of different packages that contain everything that you could possibly need to make the most out of your party, whether it’s a wedding, birthday or any other type of celebration.

Of our various different packages, the most prestigious is the Extreme LED Platinum Plus package. This amazing package contains everything needed to give your party the cutting edge needed to entertain over 1500 guests.

This package is specifically created to cater to a large party or event with many guests, and contains a whole host of extras. In order to give a unique atmosphere to your event, we supply a haze machine, as well as laser and plasma machines. This creates a very unique aesthetic, especially out on the dance floor, giving your surroundings a futuristic and almost dream-like look.

On top of this, we also supply LED uplighters. These unique lights are set up in a way so that they aren’t obtrusive to your guests but provide a blanket of intense colour across the walls and ceiling, gifting an even more impressive aesthetic to your surroundings. Whatever colour you want, you can be assured that we will plunge your event into it.

We also offer four moving heads and four LED beam heads which will definitely provide the party atmosphere for your event. Even better are our LED split screens which can surround the dance floor and show high definition graphics and videos. Our equipment is supported with truss stands and a truss cage, ensuring that the lights are stable and continuing providing the party atmosphere for as long as possible without the risk of failure.

In order for your Bhangra wedding DJ Arun to play the best possible tunes, we have equipped him with a top of the range digital sound system that is large enough and loud enough to please even the largest gathering of guests. Playing the latest Asian, Bollywood and Bhangra beats, every note will have crystal clear clarity.

We pride ourselves on offering entertainment that is simply unparalleled, augmented with the freshest and most intense music available. Our Bhangra wedding DJ will lay down the beats to get the party started, ensuring that every single one of your guests heads to the dancefloor.

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