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Bollywood weddings are vibrant, exciting and fun

Stephen Hall

October 29th, 2014


India was the birthplace of four major religions and these have big impacts on the culture and social interactions. Weddings are an important part of the culture and symbolise not just the union of two people, but the bringing together of two families. The celebrations can last several days and include many different rituals including before, during and after the ceremony.

Indian wedding ceremonies can run for many hours or even longer depending on the religion the bride, groom and families observe. Unlike Western celebrations it is the groom who usually makes a big entrance, traditionally riding a ghodi (a decorated horse) in full wedding attire. Some of the most extravagant weddings even see the ghodi exchanged for an elephant. The Baarat (procession) is a popular tradition in northern Indian and is an event in itself, featuring everything from music to fireworks.

In Indian marriage the bride and groom marry each other with the priest facilitating and reciting holy mantras. Before this the Kanyadaan takes place in which the father of the bride gives her away to her new husband requesting that he accept her as an equal partner.

After the wedding a large celebration is thrown where the families can relax together and other friends can wish the married couple the best. The party is energetic and features Bhangra music and hours of dancing. Indian wedding celebrations are amongst the most vibrant and are filled with colour and a blend of traditional and modern music.

A really important thing with the wedding celebration is to ensure the music is right and the DJ is able to keep guests entertained. We can provide you with a Bollywood wedding DJ who has a fantastic wealth of experience. His passion for music and weddings means he can create the best playlist for every celebration and ensure guests leave happy at the end of the night. Whether you are planning a traditional Indian wedding or simply want the most vibrant and colourful music and entertainment for your big day, we can cater for your needs.

When you attend a traditional Indian wedding you should be prepared for a really colourful venue, lots of dancing and a great deal of fun. The blend of different genres means the night will fly by and you’ll have a great time. Choosing an experienced DJ like Arun Kalyan is important if you want to get the perfect soundtrack.

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