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Bhangra music guarantees non-stop dancing at your event

Stephen Hall

August 9th, 2014


Indian and Asian weddings are energetic affairs filled with music that is designed to get people dancing and enjoying themselves. Bhangra is a blend of several different styles, fusing traditional rhythms with more modern hip-hop and reggae sounds. The music is made to be danced to and many people have professional dancers at their wedding to lead and entertain guests. Bhangra is an expression of culture and no matter how much it evolves it will still play an important role in Indian and Asian weddings.

The rapid movements and amount of energy that goes into Bhangra dancing has also led many people to promote it as a better workout than you can get from just going to the gym. With the popularity of Zumba and other dance related exercises it is natural that the traditional Indian wedding dance would get attention. For cardio it is really great and is much more engaging than swimming or running. The different moves, jumps and stretches give muscles a full workout. With the energetic music to keep everybody enticed it is easy to get caught up in the moment and forget that you are even exercising.

Whether it is a wedding or a fitness class dancers will find themselves sweating and tired by the end. A Bhangra DJ will truly test your stamina and exercises a huge number of different muscles with the various moves. The music encourages people to up their energy levels and give everything they have. Just as you think a song is winding down and giving you a deserved rest the tempo picks up again. It’s amazing to think that many wedding celebrations have hours and hours of dancing when Bhangra music is involved!

With all of the movements dancers can build much better balance and master the grace of Bhangra. The dance is said to improve the body, mind and the spirit so it is definitely worth a try if you want a new workout to try. Our Bhangra DJ will make sure everyone has the time of their lives at your event or special occasion.

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