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Bhangra beats for your special event

Stephen Hall

December 3rd, 2014


We can provide you with a talented Bhangra DJ who can play the beats to truly transform your party. The highly skilled Arun Kalyan is equipped with a digital sound system to play crystal clear music that can reach an audience of hundreds with ease. With a huge range of additional extras that we can provide for your event alongside our professional entertainment, we can make any event extra special and please all of your guests. In order to prove high octane entertainment that everybody from all walks of life can enjoy, we play music such as Bhangra for our events.

Bhangra is a unique type of music that often combines British and Punjabi styles. Bhangra tends to either be more folk-focused, utilising traditional instruments or styles, or mixes Western influences to create a vibrant type of music that everybody can enjoy. Dhols, synthesizers and tumbis are usually combined with instruments such as guitars to create a unique sound that fuses together the best of both worlds of music. The result is often a very energetic sound that can be enjoyed by everyone and will certainly encourage your guests to get onto their feet and dance.

In order to provide the best value for your event, our team offer a number of packages which can combine our fantastic Bhangra DJ with a whole host of additional extras. These include LED wall panels, LED dancefloors, starcloth, laser shows, plasma booths and much more. Our packages come with the relevant truss stands needed to ensure all equipment is kept safe and secure throughout the entire day or evening. There are also a variety of extras including dancers, dhol players and more that we can add to your event, up to and including fireworks displays and your own personal dessert bar.

Whether you’re holding a corporate event, wedding or any other type of party, we can provide you with phenomenal entertainment and excellent music and visuals. We take pride in being able to entertain every single guest and offering customisable services to ensure that the entertainment that you desire is provided. No matter how big or how small your event is, you can depend on us and our highly experienced Bhangra DJ.

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