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A unique DJ experience for all Asian weddings


April 29th, 2014


Everybody wants their wedding day to be a memorable success and AK Musik are dedicated to providing the very best in Asian Wedding DJ services. We have been established for over 12 years and possess all the necessary expertise and experience to deliver a vibrant and exciting event that will have a long lasting impact on you and your guests.

Arun Kalyan began his DJ journey in the early 90’s and his uniquely creative skill soon earned him a fantastic reputation that evolved into a successful career which inspired him to create AK Musik. Any great performance is driven by passion and desire and customers can have complete confidence that Aruns intense passion and dedication is implemented into every wedding package we offer.We utilise only the best digital sound equipment along with first class lighting and visual software to bring you an electrifying special event.

We respect and understand that your wedding unites you and your loved ones in unique celebration and we aim to provide you with a package that is tailored to your specific needs. We know you have your own unique ideas and visions and that you want to hear the music you love on your special day so we carry a vast and immense catalogue of music that we tweak in order to deliver you a personal programme for your event.

We know that a truly thrilling performance is about all the combined elements and our Asian Wedding DJ services have every ingredient to deliver the perfect package for you. Aside from a quality audio experience we provide exceptional lighting and graphics to really light up your event. No matter what the size of your guest list is we have a package to suit. From our bronze package to suit 100 guests up to our premium and LED extreme platinum plus package there is something for everyone.

Exciting visuals and graphics really add that extra touch to any celebration. Our plasmas and projectors show a live feed of the cameraman which really adds to the wow factor or amaze your guests with the bright videos, texts and graphics from our LED vision cloths.

AK Musik are highly respected and our talented Indian and Bhangra DJ’s consistently deliver sensational, crowd pleasing performances globally ensuring us as the number one choice for all your Asian and Indian weddings.

Visit akmusik.co.uk for all information.

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